mint chocolate homemade toothpaste on a bamboo toothbrush

Water Based Homemade Toothpaste Recipe

This mint chocolate toothpaste naturally cleans and helps remineralize your teeth, and it tastes delicious.
Makes around 1 liquid ounce.
Course DIY products
Keyword oral care, toothpaste
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 1 liquid ounce




  • Mix together all of the dry ingredients. If you are using cacao nibs or find that the ingredients are too abrasive for your sensitive teeth as is, you can grind them in a coffee grinder before adding in the water. 
  • Add distilled water until you get the desired consistency. mix thoroughly.
  • Add a few drops of an essential oil like peppermint or clove oil, if desired, for flavor.
  • Fill your silicone travel tube, or other storage container, with your toothpaste. You are now ready to use it! 


The cacao/cocoa powder (or nibs) is completely optional. It may make the toothpaste more appealing to kids. It also may leave dark marks on the sink if not fully rinsed. Choose whether or not to add it accordingly.
Theobromine in cacao may help with remineralization.
DO NOT use xylitol for toothpaste meant for pets. It is toxic to dogs and cats and possibly other animals. If you plan on making a toothpaste for a pet, I'd suggest not using sweeteners or essential oils. 
Because this toothpaste has water in it, it has a shorter shelf life than the the oil-based toothpaste. It is self-preserving due to the high pH and the addition of salt. Making substitutions to the ingredients could make it prone to microbial growth.
Be careful not to contaminate the toothpaste with bacteria. Do not dip your toothbrush into a jar of this toothpaste to avoid contamination. Instead, either dispense the toothpaste from silicone tubes or scoop out just enough for one use with a clean spoon or other utensil.