DIY Non Comedogenic Blush Stick
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1small blush stick
1small blush stick
  1. If you are using annatto seeds, grind them up into a very fine powder using a coffee grinder or similar appliance.
  2. It is very important that you end up with a very fine powder, so I usually use only the fine powder that accumulates on the cover of the grinder as it grinds. I wanted to make sure my alkanet root powder was fine enough, so I ground it more in the coffee grinder, and, once again, used only the fine powder that accumulated on the cover of my grinder.
  3. If you aren’t sure how much fits into your small deodorant containers, measure it out with water. I was able to fit around a Tbsp. of water into an empty canister, so I made my recipe with around 1 Tbsp. shea butter. Mine were small, 15ml deodorant containers just like the ones that can be found here (Affiliate link):
  4. Heat your shea butter in a double boiler over your stove until it’s completely melted.
  5. Stir in either fine annatto seed powder or alkanet root powder, or use a combination of both. To get the concentration I achieved with my blush, use around 1/4 tsp. total powder for every Tbsp. of shea butter.
  6. Add in 5-10 drops of tea tree oil. This is optional, but it adds in antimicrobial properties which not only helps the product last longer, but it could help fight acne on your skin.
  7. Pour your mixture into your applicator container and let it cool and harden up. I used small containers that are like small deodorant applicators, but you can also pour it into small aluminum tins to use as a cream blush that you can apply with your fingers.
  8. You can now use your blush stick. I apply it directly to my cheeks, and use my fingers to blend it in. Set it with powdered blush or face powder to set it, if you so choose.

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